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A1 Premium Car Care
A1 Polish & Wax

NEW! - The paint-gloss-sensation

2 in 1 care
Perfect shine and protection in one single step
A1 Speed Polish
Brilliant deep gloss – with next to no effort!

A1 Speed Polish brings back the original deep shine! It removes fine scratches and the haze in the paint that develops over time. Top quality for all types and conditions of paint.
A1 Speed Wax Plus 3
Lasting preservation – mirror finish – intensive colour restoration

Using wax nanoparticles, A1 Speed Wax Plus 3 creates a mirror-like high gloss and especially long-lasting and reliable preservation (for up to 6 months).
A1 ULTIMA Show & Shine Polish
The ultimate polish for perfectionists – permanently removes fine scratches
A1 ULTIMA Show & Shine Polish is based on completely innovative, synthetically produced polishing agents used in high-tech electronics. Fine scratches (such as hologram scratches, carwash scratches etc.) and weathered paint coats are removed instead of being simply covered up.
A1 Nano Scratch Polish

A1 Nano Scratch Polish removes scratches completely instead of only covering these. It eliminates scratches without polishing in new and finer scratches.

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