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BAR`S Premium Cooling System Maintenance
BAR´S Leaks Original
Seals and protects cooling systems – without clumping

BAR’S Leaks Original seals leaks lastingly and protects preventatively for a period of 12 months.
BAR´S Leaks Liquid
Seals and protects cooling systems
Liquid – no clumping

The liquid consistency of BAR’S Leaks Liquid ensures rapid distribution of the agent and immediate sealing of leaks
BAR´S Nural
Cleans and derusts cooling systems 
BAR’S Nural cleans all cooling systems without using acids, and removes rust, limescale and other impurities.
BAR´S Oil Stop

Reduces oil consumption and stops loss of oil from dripping engines
BAR’S Oil Stop regenerates hardened seals and keeps intact engine seals soft, supple and thus functional.

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