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CW1:100 Premium Windscreen Cleaning
CW1:100 Super Windshield Cleaner
Lightning fast clear vision – 1:100 concentrate

The new CW1:100 Super is the strongest CW of all time, and removes dangerous blinding, oily films quicker than ever.

CW1:100 Classic Windshield Cleaner

Removes blinding, oily films with greatest economy – 1:200 concentrate

The economy of CW 1:100 Classic is unbeatable. One 250 ml bottle can be diluted to a ratio of 1:200, thus produces 50 litres of highly effective cleaning liquid.
CW1:100 Insect Remover
Super-gel formula – will not run off, soaks and works optimally

CW1:100 Insect Remover completely and rapidly removes all insect remains from the windscreen. Even stubborn grime stands no chance against the super-gel formula.
CW1:100 Double Cloth Set
Absolutely streakless and lint-free cleaning of window interiors.
The double-cloth set (soaked soft cloth for cleaning, dry cloth for lint-free drying afterwards) is handy and ideal for on the road.

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